How TeamBonding Works

It's like team building, only better

At TeamBonding we believe that combining play with work facilitates the most effective teamwork at work. All of our Team Building activities, events, and ice breakers center on play as the key to forming genuine, collaborative relationships with others. With these bonds in place, teams are more effective and productive.

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Building teamwork at work, creating real teams

It’s easy… right? You just need to find the “right” people with the required skills and put them in a room together. They’re smart and they know their stuff: they’ll figure it out. Except it doesn’t always work out that way. That’s where we come in.

Our events are actually fun

We’ve all been to those corporate team building events where everything is awkward and there is a lot of eye rolling. We’re different. We have taken our cue from children and play: through playing together children learn, grow, and form bonds that are authentic and profound.

Team building that lasts beyond the event

Through our Team Building activities and ice breakers, we will help the members of your team create bonds that are as authentic as they are deep, which means they will keep being a strong team going forward too. You will truly have teamwork at work.

We'll be with you every step of the way

Whether your event is for 10 or 1,200, we’ll take care of everything. Through our simple process we get to know you and your goals. Then, we choose our best people who will go above and beyond to ensure your team building activity goes off without a hitch.

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Our process is simple, transparent, and gets results

  1. Get in touch and our Client Solutions Manager will assess your needs, and help you select a program that meets your budget and goals.
  2. Once the right program is selected, you'll work with your TeamBonding Corporate Events Manager to tailor the event to your team, the venue and the location.
  3. Your Corporate Events Manager will organize all the details between you, your venue your facilitator and staff who will conduct the event.
  4. On the day of the event, your Facilitator and our onsite staff will deliver the program, engage your team, achieve your goals, and debrief the event exceeding even your highest expectations.

Our Professional Facilitators set us apart

TeamBonding Facilitators are chosen because they have the ability to be supportive and foster connections both with and between those around them. They understand that team building is not merely about having a “feel-good moment” during the team building activity; it’s about having that moment, building that bond, and maintaining it beyond the team building event.

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“It was absolutely fantastic! Everybody got a lot of great information about the sales process. You’d be doing your group a great service to have him come in and speak to you. ”

  - A., F., The Food Processing Samplers Association

“I highly recommend you to other associations looking for a sales expert to motivate their membership all while providing valuable insight into growing their businesses.”

  - M.T., The Snow & Ice Management Association

“It was phenomenal! The attendees absolutely loved him.They are going to lunch now and you should hear the buzz right now about this presentation. Book him!”

  - B.J.H., Financial & Security Project Association

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