Canned Good

Canned Food Sculptures

Your team CAN make a difference by giving everyone in your group the opportunity to explore the creative, artistic sides of their brains while also contributing much needed food to area food banks.

At the Canned Good program, teams will construct their very own recreations of famous products, landmarks, or even your corporate logo or slogan – all from a little imagination and a lot of tin cans! The objective of this event is to recreate your assigned item in real (or to scale) proportions and as realistically as possible while only using the supplied cans and accessory materials. Not only does our fully stocked supply center have plenty of cans of multiple sizes and shapes, but your teams will also be supplied with the necessary materials to ‘sculpt’ and color your creations.

Can your team handle the pressure? Can they pull off an amazing sculpture in the time given? We certainly think so, and it will all be worth it when a representative of a local food pantry/food bank personally receives a gift of canned/dry food items that equals the entire amount of cans used by all of your teams!  Yes, they can.

This is a collaborative feel-good philanthropic team building activity that allows groups to work on an important leadership and teamworks skills. In addition, we will always work to have a representative on site from the beneficiary organization (think food bank) to tell your group a little bit about what your donation will do for your community.

Canned Good 6View my Flipboard Magazine.

Group size

10 - 1000+

Time needed

2 – 3 hours

Space requirements

This is an indoor program that can be held in your office, at a hotel or in a conference room. 40 sq. ft. per participant is a good guide. *This estimate includes the area need to build the can sculptures.

“Our event was amazing! Scott and his team were just so energizing and really made the day fun.  I would definitely utilize your program again! Thank you!”

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